If you would like us to help arrange your lessons, please pre-book when sorting your accommodation and transfers (no later than 1 month prior to your arrival) we can then arrange these for you through our local partner company. Here's a guide to lesson prices to give you an idea of what to expect:

Group Lessons:

Ski Lessons: 2.5 hrs per day (morning or afternoon) for 6 days Adult: £185 Children: £170 (max 9 per group).

Snowboard Lessons: 2.5 hrs per day (afternoons only) for 6 days Adult: £185 Children: £170 (max 8 per group).

Young Children: (Not available in every resort): Ages 3-5, Snow play area for young children includes elementary ski skills.

6 x 3 hours (Morning or Afternoon): £185

Morning and afternoon: £325

Morning, lunch care and afternoon: £360 (NB: parents need to provide the food for children). Nursery: Most ski schools we work with offer childcare options for children ages 6-months to 5 years in nurseries staffed by qualified child-carers. Prices and timings are similar to those for young children's ski lessons.

During school holiday, group lessons on the Sunday are mainly in the afternoon.

Private Lessons:

Morning and afternoon lessons, available outside of school holidays only: From 9h00 until 12h30 or 12h30 until 17h00.

During school holidays private lessons are generally only available from 12:15 - 14:15.

Length 1 person 2 or 3 people 4 or 5 people

1h00: £45 £52 N/A

2h00: £95 £110 £130

Full day or half day private lessons (7h and 3.5h respectively) for 1-8 people Half day: £180 Full day: £340